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AppFog vs Heroku


Recently I have been playing PaaS for test thing out, and with recent General Available of AppFog, PaaS providers’ competition become more interesting. In this post, I will compare AppFog with a mature PaaS provider, Heroku.

So, there are many people think, what are their primary features that make you stick to particular PaaS provider? Lets do the comparison using case study.

Memory Management

Do you ever come across a senario where your app is consume 80MB most of the time, or well, 512MB is not enough for you when you deploy a huge Java Web Application (Yeah, Java)?

With AppFog, this is not an issue for you, since they allow developer to configure how much memory they want to allocate to their app. Wow, awesome right? No more wasting your money to invest on ten dynos on heroku, where a lot of memory is not used.

However, this can be a issue for you, if you choose to deploy your app ...

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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chiefexp7788Real User

I think it also bears reporting the differences in documentation. Heroku's documentation is far more developed, and stackoverflow has much more info on it as well. AppFog is still a young platform, so their documentation does leave something to be desired, and their support is not super-responsive in my experience. That said, it has a lot of promise as a platform if they can work out these kinks.