Network Performance Monitor Review
Solid monitoring tool with lots of extra features and highly customizable

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a powerful, scalable network monitoring tool. It has a vast range of features, and a large number of expansion plugins that can add functionality for almost any need.

Some of the main features of the Network Performance Monitor include:

Great UI – SolarWinds has consistently good UI design that makes it easy for administrators to manage the network. Customizable dashboards make it easy to view status of key services. If a problem arises simply click and drill-down to view devices and their components like network interfaces, CPU, etc.

Monitoring – SNMP or WMI monitoring is SolarWinds’ big strength. But NPM also can function as a Syslog server (see also What is Syslog' -, and also adds native support for VMware, as well as ability to monitor VSANs. Unfortunately there’s no native support for Hyper-V yet.

Alerting – send messages to administrators when pre-specified thresholds are exceeded (e.g. low memory, high CPU) or if devices fail. Or, events could trigger a scri...



Overall a good product but there are various issues with the web interface, which needs a complete overhaul.


NPM has a powerful and easy to use alerting system that supports 13 alert actions, including a standard complement of notification options, automatic execution of a script and an escalation sequence if an alert isn’t acknowledged within a designated period of time. It can also generate alerts when a monitored value for a node, interface, or volume passes a threshold.