Android SDK Pricing

Android SDK Overview:

Android SDK is the software development kit for developers who want to build applications for Android platform devices. The kit contains all the tools that a developer would require to create, test and debug their Android apps.

Android SDK is open-source, easy to install and use, and is compatible with all operating systems (Linux, Windows, and Mac OS).

Android SDK Pricing & Products:

Because the software is open-source, the Android SDK Pricing is a freeware model, meaning that it is completely free to download and use.

Applications that are developed through Android ADK are programmed using Java and run on Dalvik, which functions on top of a Linux kernel.

There are a number of different modular packages available, which can be downloaded separately utilizing the Android SDK Manager. These are the main modules:



File Location

SDK Tools

This element contains all the tools you would need to develop, test and debug your Android application. You need to keep this up-to-date.


SDK Platform-tools

Contains tools that are dependent on the Android platform, and that are required for app creation and debugging. When the Android platform is updated these tools need to be, but they are backwards compliant.


SDK Platform

One SDK Platform is offered for each Android version. You’ll find an android.jar file complete with an optimized Android library.


System Images

There are one or more different system images available for each platform version. You need a system image to operate the Android emulator.


Sources for Android SDK

This is a copy of the Android platform source code that will help you when debugging your app.


Samples for SDK

These are sample apps that illustrate a variety of the platform APIs.


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