Apache Web Server Pricing

Apache Web Server Overview:

The Apache HTTP Server Project was founded in 1995 by a group of webmasters, known as The Apache Group, with the aim of developing robust, richly-featured, freely-available and commercial-standard Web (HTTP) server source code. The result was Apache Web Server or Apache HTTP Server, which is an open-source public-domain web server.

This collaborative project has been enhanced ever since with contributions from the core development team and other volunteers situated all over the globe. Also, hundreds of users of this open-source web server have contributed code, ideas, and documentation. The project falls under The Apache Software Foundation, which manages many open-source projects.

Apache Web Server Pricing & Products:

Being an open-source project, the Apache Web Server pricing model is one of freeware. The Apache Software Foundation distributes, manages, and accepts contributions to the software and its documentation through licensing. The current Apache License is Apache License, Version 2.4.9. The Apache Web Server can be downloaded from the Apache HTTP Server Project’s website by clicking on the link of the latest version on the download page.

Because the software’s source code is freely available, it can be customized for specific requirements, and a huge selection of add-ons are located in the public library. Apache Web Server was originally coded for UNIX, but now it is compatible with Windows, OS/2 and other platforms.

These are some of the core enhancements of the latest version of Apache Web Server:

  • Reduced memory usage even with additional features
  • Event MPM fully supported
  • KeepAliveTimeout in milliseconds
  • Per-request configuration sections
  • Run-time Loadable MPMs
  • General-purpose expression parser
  • NameVirtualHost directive no longer required
  • Override Configuration – allows for better control
  • Per-module and per-directory LogLevel configuration
  • Config file variables
  • Improved asynchronous support

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By Hadas Bergman



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