AppDynamics announces Business iQ engine for App iQ platform

AppDynamics has recently introduced Business iQ, a new performance engine for their App iQ performance management platform. Business iQ provides real-time business monitoring, and combines application monitoring and business monitoring in a single platform. Aimed to reduce Mean Time to Business Awareness, it joins existing App iQ performance engines such as Map iQ and Enterprise iQ.

Business iQ includes:

  • User Session Monitoring: Access to browser and mobile session data available from AppDynamics Real User Monitoring. User Session Monitoring supports conversion funnel analysis and advanced segmentation on performance, as well as real-time business data.
  • Query Language Enhancements: Calculated values and support for complex filtering in the AppDynamics Query Language. The mathematical operators can now be used on numeric fields as well as aggregations. The filter command supports intelligent segmentation within queries.
  • New Funnel Analysis: The out of the box funnel visualization has been redesigned. It creates KPIs related to bounce rate, conversion rate and the number of abandoners at each critical step.