AppResponse Xpert Pricing

AppResponse Xpert Overview:

AppResponse Xpert is a unique application performance management, monitoring and troubleshooting solution that approaches performance from the end-user’s perspective. The solution is a Riverbed OPNET product, and gives a proactive, in-depth analytical view of any application performance issues, whether web-based or non-web based.

AppResponse Xpert is flexible, customizable and fully automated, enabling network users to focus on the bigger IT picture, giving business users maximum productivity, and providing end-users with an optimal application experience.

Major AppResponse Xpert Customers:

AppResponse Xpert has a large customer base, including Gartner, Swiss Post, WestLB, Turner, Samlink, RGIS, NetJets, SITA, Mobistar, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and Trafigura.

AppResponse Xpert Pricing & Products:

AppResponse Xpert pricing is not available online. You can request an AppResponse Xpert pricing quote by contacting the sales team via the online form or telephonically. If you want to try out the solution before committing, you can submit a request for a trial version.

These are the core features of AppResponse Xpert:

  • Application monitoring and troubleshooting from the real user’s perspective.
  • Root cause diagnosis of any application performance issues.
  • Enables users to measure web transaction response time at page level.
  • Multiple deployment options.
  • Monitors response times using automated analytics.
  • Segmented measurement of traffic, based on location, user, application and business unit.
  • Provides flexibility and customization for users.

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