Ask Our Consultant Anything- Are you afraid of ODI?

Today at 9am PST (12pm EST)  IT Central Station will be hosting consultant and ODI expert Ricardo Giampaoli for an Ask Our Consultant Anything session.

Ricardo has more than 20 years engaging in EIS, BI, EPM projects in Brazil, working for the last 5 years in global projects for a fortune 100 client.

Ask Our Consultant Anything
Are you afraid of ODI?

His achievements include:

• First and only Oracle ACE in Business Intelligence track in Brazil.
• Design and implementation of management models & systems, deep expertise of key components to the EPM function in the Financial Services industry.
• Business architecture design, end-to-end integrated processes, implementation, business solution testing and enhancement of key technologies.
• Driver-based financial models linking corporate objectives and strategies to actionable insights.
• Models for financial institution in Hyperion Planning for net interest margin, risk adjusted returns, spreads from transfer rates, and allocated costs and capital.

Responsible for overall architecture and strategy for the deployment of Oracle Hyperion technologies.

Ricardo’s specialties: Hyperion Planning and Essbase (versions from system 9 to, BIEE 10g and 11g, ODI 10g,11g and 12c and OWB 10g and 11g.

Ask Ricardo a question in the comments, and join us later for the ACA session.

author avatarRicardo Giampaoli
Top 5LeaderboardConsultant

Hi Moses how are you? I usually try to avoid XML as much as I can since XML is always a problem... The only case I end up using XML is when need to extracting metadata from huge essbase outlines (more than 500k members). Even so is a problematic operation since you need to worry about the Sync step, that uses a lot of memory of the agent, you need to worry about not overlap the loads and some time (to not say most of the time) you need some time of tweak in the KM to help you. If is possible try to get txt files instead of XML or anything like that.

author avatarRicardo Giampaoli
Top 5LeaderboardConsultant

Feel free to ask about anything related with ODI as architecture, possible uses, ideas.... and also tell stories of success or failure using the tool! We can even discuss why it failure and if there're anything different that could change the situation!!

author avatarUser

Hi Ricardo,

It would of great help if you can give some tips on loading complex XML into Oracle Table and vice versa

Moses V