Business Objects Pricing

Business Objects Overview:

Business Objects is SAP’s Business Intelligence solution, which is comprised of a number of different solution modules. Business Objects puts reliable, real-time and relevant business information at your fingertips, enabling you to have clearer insight into your business and helping you make informed and quick business decisions.

Business Objects is deployed simply and cost-effectively, making optimal use of existing IT resources and infrastructure.

Major Business Objects Customers:

Business Objects has a huge customer base from a wide scope of industries. Key customers include SRAM, Kennametal, Fairfax Water, British American Tobacco, Velux, and FedEx.

Business Objects Pricing & Products:

Business Objects pricing is not available on the SAP website. Instead, if you are interested in purchasing this BI solution, you can contact the sales team or any reseller directly for customized Business Objects pricing.

Solution Description
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Microsoft Office Edition Enables users to quickly and simply analyze, digest and conveniently share data from multiple sources in a MS Office environment.
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edition Analyze multi-dimensional data sources in a web-based environment, allowing you to easily answer complicated business questions.
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence The self-service analysis and reporting enables users to solve new and evolving business questions. Available through a desktop, the web, or a mobile platform.
SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Design and build multi-dimensional data visualizations and dashboards.
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Immediate access to clearly understandable metrics, giving you the ability to quickly view your company’s key performance metrics.
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App BI solutions available on mobile devices.
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Allows for speedy and interactive access to relevant information
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Mobile App Use any device to access critical BI securely.
SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform The flexible, scalable and fully-functional BI platform.
SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform, analytics edition Combines market leading data management, data integration and business intelligence in a complete and efficient analytical package.
SAP BusinessObjects Live Office Tools to easily embed the latest BI into MS Office spreadsheets, presentations and documents.

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