Confluence Pricing

Confluence Overview:

Confluence is a collective database from Atlassian that allows multiple members to create, contribute, manipulate, and store various pieces of information, file types, images, and more. The purpose of the program is to collect and store all related data and files in one place so that a team working on a single project can easily access any component of the project at any given time.

In essence, Confluence is a private social network platform that gives the included members the ability to share information quickly and easily. The option to edit this information, add more relevant information, and discuss this information makes the entire platform even more efficient. Confluence also has over 400 add-ons that make the service more flexible and farther reaching.

Confluence Customers:

Confluence customers include Facebook, NASA, eBay, Adobe, Hubspot, Twitter, Netflix, Bonobox, LinkedIn, Mind Candy, Dow Jones, Dachis Group, Rent The Runway, and others.

Confluence Pricing:

The Confluence pricing system works on a per user basis. The more users using the product, the higher the monthly fee. There are also other options that can be combined with the basic service such as a team calendar and Q&A service (these are included in the full package).

No. of Users

Basic Price

Price - Full Package






















Examine Confluence in the Big Picture

Confluence is one information collaboration program that joins the ranks of other top-rated programs, including Blackboard Learn, Campfire, and Chatter. Choosing the right one for your business is a tough call to make on your own. Let the knowledgeable IT Central Station community offer some helpful insight into this area, so that you can make a better decision all around. Read reviews of Confluence and other collaboration programs now!

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