Dynamics CRM Pricing

Dynamics CRM Overview:

Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s leading Customer Relationship Management solution. This solution allows organizations to nurture their relationships with their customers, to engage with these customers in the best way possible at all the right times, and to match customers to the correct products and services.

Dynamics CRM is one of the most effective sales and marketing tools around, because of its innovative and social-driven technology. The tool allows marketers and salespeople to communicate, interact and service customers in a smarter, personalized, and more insightful manner. And best of all is that this can all be done from any device, as Dynamics CRM is mobile-based, cloud-based and available on-premise. The tool also integrates with social media platforms, allowing for full social media capabilities and reporting.

Major Dynamics CRM Customers:

Dynamics CRM provides many top organizations with a customized CRM solution, including Metro Bank, Nissan, Pandora, Delta, Haynes International, City of London, Trek and many more market leaders.

Dynamics CRM Pricing & Products:

Dynamics CRM comes packaged in many different ways, with solutions tailored for Sales, Customer Care, Marketing, and Social.

Dynamics CRM pricing is available online, and if you are interested in the product you can request a free online demo. There are a number of different plans available in the Dynamics CRM pricing model:

Plan Description Price
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional (user subscription license) This is the most comprehensive option for those users who require total marketing, sales, and service capabilities. $65 per user per month
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Basic (user subscription license) This option is for those users who require access to contacts, leads, accounts, reporting, cases, and customer relationship management (xRM) functionality. $30 per user per month
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Essential (user subscription license) The most basic option for those users requiring only customer relationship management (xRM) tools. $15 per user per month

There are a number of add-ons you can purchase to enhance your plan, such as extra storage, additional production and non-production instances, and enhanced support.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

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