EC2 Pricing

EC2 Overview:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) covers all your business-centered needs from start to finish, and now they have added another layer of convenience to the experience – the EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is an innovative concept that lets businesses flexibly increase or decrease the amount of storage and processing with ease. The service includes all aspects of a business model including computing information, storing files and other database services, but the most convenient aspect of this option is that EC2 allows you to pay as you go. If you use less than the amount of cloud space you ordered, you will only be charged for the percentage you have used; if you go over, you’ll simply be charged for the excess at a standard rate. See the EC2 pricing chart below for more details.

Major EC2 Customers:

EC2 is used by many companies including Pinterest, General Electric, Pfizer Netflix, Nasdaq, and more.

EC2 Pricing & Products:

AWS are available for various operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux, Windows, Oracle, and others. The EC2 pricing tables will vary depending on your OS, desired features, and usage. Here is one chart showing the prices for a Windows OS that can give you an idea of what to expect.

Amazon EC2 Product

Upfront Cost

Hourly Cost

General Purpose Current Generation

$516 USD/$1032 USD

$0.428 USD per hour/$0.857 USD per hour

General Purpose Previous Generation

$69-$552 USD (depending on size)

$0.059-$0.47 USD per hour

GPU Instances Current Generation

$925 USD

$0.599 per hour

Of course, there are many other options available including on-demand versus reserved usage, and discounts for larger volumes.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

Our IT Central Station experts have already used EC2, and we want you to benefit from our experience. Discuss the features such as low operating costs, capacity planning, elastic scaling, and global potential with other business owners who have already taken this service for a test drive to see if it is the right service for you. You can also compare EC2 to other competitor resources such as Heroku and CloudFlare.

By Ariel Lindenfeld

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Could you please advise where we can refer for linux/ubuntu AWS EC2 costs?

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