ERP Roundup: Infor vs SAP

Last week, a community member asked for advice about choosing an ERP solution for their manufacturing company which has 90 employees. Here's a quick roundup of what our community members had to say:

Christoph Schmidt wrote "It certainly is suitable to talk about these two ERP solutions and compare their benefits. 90 users is neither too small nor too big for either package. The prospect should look at what percentage of their processes can be implemented in each solution with no or minor modifications currently and what kind of functionality that they need Will be provided by each supplier in the near future."

On the other hand, Amaury Carrasco is confident that Infor is the better choice in this user's situation: "Based on company size and function and without insight into budget constraints, I would recommend Infor. Having worked with both platforms, Infor is easier/faster to implement and maintain. I am not familiar with Infor's product roadmap, but you should feel comfortable with the future direction of the product before making a decision."

Armando Flores, who reviewed Epicor ERP, said "... since you are a make to order manufacturing company looking for production and capacity planning and scheduling with 90 employees and assuming your strategic plan doesn't have a 10x growth the next 3 years in it, and since your only asking about SAP and Infor, my recommendation would be NOT to go with the big ones, but with Infor."

He also notes something which is important to all users researching ERP solutions: "... the real challenge is to oversee Infor's, or any other ERP your evaluating, native order receiving, planing, manufacturing and delivering processes, so you can assure those native processes are similar to your processes and you won't spend time and money customizing them."

Although Barrett Quinn works at a large company with 1000+ employees and not a smaller business like the user asking for advice, he wrote "I would choose Infor ERP. The reason for this is that this solution is precise, Agile and can tailored to your specific requirements. Its application is smoother and data replication from end to end is seamless. SAP’s production planning and MRP does not provide the ease with which SyteLine customers can predict movements and delivery. Infor ERP is highly customisable. In terms of scalabilty and application, SyteLine can be deployed across multi-sites in a multi-instance database instead of individual systems at each site."

Do you agree with these recommendations? Please let the community know by commenting below.