Fortinet Firewalls Pricing

Fortinet Firewalls Overview:

Fortinet Firewalls fall under the Fortigate product line and platform, which is a leading network security solution. Fortinet Firewalls cater for all types and sizes of networks, and there is a range of different physical and virtual product lines to meet these diverse network security requirements.

If you’re looking for a High Performance Data Center Firewall, or an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall, Fortigate is the solution for you. If you have distributed enterprise or small business offices, there is a smaller UTM appliance that will be right for your business.

Major Fortinet Firewalls Customers:

Fortinet Firewalls provide network security to many companies of all sizes, including Black Gold Regional Schools, Amadeus Hospitality, Jefferson County, Chunghwa Telecom, City of Boroondara, and Dimension Data.

Fortinet Firewalls Pricing & Products:

Fortinet Firewalls pricing is available through the sales team or through a local registered reseller. If you are interested in a specific product, you can request a free Fortigate demo.

Fortinet Firewalls product range is categorized as High-End, Mid-Range, Entry Level and Virtual Appliances. There are a number of products in each category:

High-End (10GE and 40GE Interfaces) Mid-Range Entry Level Virtual Appliances
Fortigate 5000 Series: Carrier-graded Chassis for High Performance Network Security Solution. Fortigate 800-600 Series: The ideal solution for Enterprise Campuses. Fortigate 100 Series: The best solution for remote offices as well as UTM protection with high port density. Security Management and Log Retention Services FortiCloud: Cloud-based solution, without requiring extra hardware and software.
Fortigate 3000 Series: High Performance Data Center and NGFW Appliances with High-Speed Ports. Fortigate 300 Series: Best suited to Branch Offices. Fortigate/FortiWiFi 90-60 Series: Best for remote offices, UTM protection and compact form-factor. Fortigate Virtual Appliances: Implement vital security controls within your virtual infrastructure and mitigate blind spots.
Fortigate 1000 Series: Data Center and Next-Generation Firewalls with 10GbE and High Port Density/ Fortigate 200 Series: The chosen solution for Branch Offices. Next Generation Firewall with High Port Density. Fortigate/FortiWiFi 40-20 Series: For smallest sites and UTM protection.

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