Google Apps for Business Pricing

Google Apps for Business Overview:

Google Apps for Business is a cloud-based productivity suite which connects team members, allowing all users to work no matter where they are, using any device. Setup of Google Apps for Business is straightforward, and is simple to use and manage.

A big benefit of Google Apps for Business is that all products can be accessed using one Google log-in for each user, so only a single account set-up per user is required.

Major Google Apps for Business Customers:

There are over five million businesses that use Google Apps for Business worldwide. Some key customers include The Roche Group, National Geographic, American Red Cross, City of Los Angeles, Flight Centre, and Konica Minolta.

Google Apps for Business Pricing & Products:

Google Apps for Business has all the tools that employees require to communicate, collaborate, and be productive. These tools include:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive – Home to Google Docs, Folders, and Files
  • Docs
  • Hangouts – Messaging, video and voice meetings
  • Sites – Shared team workspaces
  • Vault – An add-on that adds e-discovery, archiving and information governance capabilities
  • Google+ - Co-worker sharing portal
  • Chrome for Business – Secure work browser
  • QuickOffice – Enables quick creation and editing of MS Office files from mobile devices

There is a huge selection of other applications available, including Adwords, Google Translate, Analytics, and many more.

The Google Apps for Business pricing model is tiered, according to the plan that you select for your business:

Plan Description Price
Google Apps for Business Includes custom email addresses using your business domain, 30 GB of storage for Gmail and Drive, calendar, document editing, video chat, business security and controls, 24/7 support, and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. No limit on the number of users. $5 per user per month; or $50 per user per year
Google Apps for Business with Vault Includes all the standard plan features, plus advanced security features and e-discovery tools. $10 per user per month

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By Hadas Bergman



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