GUI tools for database performance

As the size of the database grows database performance becomes critical. Automation is a growing focus for data center operators facing increasingly complex environments. Database administration is complex, repetitive and time consuming. DBAs have to work long hours during off hours during downtime. The outage of database costs heavily to the companies and affect their repute.

As a solution to the problem companies have application performance management tools in place. Some database comes with their own database performance management tools however companies are focusing on GUI based performance management tools it is easy to work with these tools without DBA involvement.

Enteros have developed its Upbeat High Load Capture for database problem root cause analysis of Oralce, DB2, SQL server, MySQL, Sybase and MongoDB database centric multi-tiered applications. High Load Capture user interface visually correlates performance and system load metrics across multiple IT production infrastructure layers. With second by second granularity of data analysis, High Load Capture makes analysis possible for the most transient database performance spikes.