Heroku Pricing

Heroku Overview:

Established in 2007, Heroku is a cloud application platform providing a streamlined, efficient place for web app developers to create and deploy their applications. Heroku is designed to maximize developer productivity. With the entire web application development process available on the Heroku cloud, creating and rolling out web apps has been made more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective than ever before.

Read how to get the most out of Heroku in this detailed review from a software developer who uses this product.

Major Heroku Customers:

Some of Heroku’s key customers include Facebook, Urban Dictionary, Code for America, Mailchimp, Rapportive, GitHub, TED, and Lyft.

Heroku Pricing & Products:

Heroku is fully scalable, allowing you to pay only for the features or resources that you actually use. There are three elements to Heroku pricing, and these are usage-based and can be extended as you grow. These include Dynos, Heroku Postgres, and Add-Ons, as detailed in the table below.

Heroku Resource




Dynos are what run your applications, providing the computing power in the form of lightweight, individualized containers. There are two types of dynos – web dynos that run your web processes and worker dynos that implement background processes.

1x (512MB RAM, 1x CPU Share) - $0.05/dyno-hour

2x (1024MB RAM, 2x CPU Share) - $0.10/dyno-hour

Heroku Postgres

A database is only as intelligent as you make it. Based on PostgresSQL, Heroku Postgres is the key to managing and securing your database, and provides you with the tools to get the most out of your data.

Pricing varies, dependent on which specifications you choose.


Enhance your app by incorporating Heroku add-ons. Add-ons have the ability to incorporate additional features into your application, increase the functionality of Heroku, or give you access to third-party service providers

Pricing is dependent on the chosen add-on. Visit Heroku’s add-on menu for full pricing and product information.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

IT Central Station is home to hundreds of users who have purchased and are currently using Heroku to develop and run their web apps. These users are your best resource to choose the right PaaS for your company’s needs. You may be considering not only Heroku but also Rackspace Cloud, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft Azure. Read reviews of these and other PaaS in order to make the decision.

At IT Central Station, you can check out the Heroku reviews, and be in direct contact with Heroku users and experts who are happy to share with you their research about why they chose Heroku, and assist you with any Heroku pricing and product queries.

By Ariel Lindenfeld



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