HipChat Pricing

HipChat Overview:

HipChat is a service that provides companies with a chat and text-messaging platform that they can run internally. This keeps all correspondences private in general but public to the people who you choose to be a part of the conversation. Some of the more popular features of HipChat include a searchable history, which lets you browse through your chats to find relevant information, as well as image sharing capabilities (which is a simple, drag and drop process). HipChat supports a wide range of OS including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, desktop, and more.

HipChat can be used for one-on-one conversations or it can be opened up for group chats to include all team members. Chat rooms are flexible enough to allow the free flow of ideas and external data so that the entire team or even department can collaborate on the same project without missing a beat. At the same time, HipChat allows individuals to pick and choose whom they communicate with – one does not need to send all communications to all team members all the time, but can pick and choose who receives what and when.

HipChat Customers:

Companies using HipChat daily include Pinterest, Quora, Hewlett Packard, Hubspot, ParkWhiz, Artifakt, and others.

HipChat Pricing:

HipChat pricing is a fairly straightforward matter: The company allows teams of five members or smaller to use the service free of charge. Once you add a sixth user, however, you will be charged for all six members of the team, and then so on, as members are added.




HipChat Free

Five users or less



Six or more users

$2/month per user

HipChat vs. iChat, Campfire & Yammer

If you are running a team, then you are going to want to keep them connected and in constant communication. What’s the best way to do this? By using one of the many communications services that will link your members to each another. Now you can find out the differences between HipChat, Yammer, iChat, Campfire, and more by skimming through all of the reviews that users have submitted to IT Central Station for just that reason. Read reviews of HipChat and allow the experts at IT Central Station help you find the right solution for you.

By Hadas Bergman



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