How to Choose a Backup and Recovery Solution

How to Choose a Backup and Recovery Solution

What do real users say about their backup and recovery software?

With cyber threats remaining a constant challenge, backup and recovery software is an important part of any enterprise IT environment. According to MSPmentor, this focus on backup and recovery software will only continue to grow, due to the sheer increase of data that needs protection, as well as developments such as the Internet of Things, big data and data analytics.

IT professionals interested in backup and recovery have a wide range of solutions to choose from. According to IT Central Station users, the leading backup and recovery solutions include Veeam Backup & Replication, HPE Data Protector, Acronis Backup, Code42 CrashPlan, IBM Spectrum Protect, and others.

With such a wide variety of solutions that offer different features and benefits, choosing the right backup and recovery solution for your company can seem like a daunting task.

To help make the process easier for you we have turned to the IT Central Station community for their advice on how to how to choose the right backup and recovery software, based on their personal experiences.

How to Choose a Backup and Recovery Solution

Determine how a backup and recovery solution can help your company’s specific environment

When looking to purchase a backup and recovery solution, IT Central Station users say that it’s important to know in advance how you will implement this type of solution in your specific environment:  

Carter Allen, Owner at a tech services company

“Move into this in a sensible way. Get it up and running on one server and one workstation and see that you can manage it. Once you've got that working, then add more workstations or more servers to that. It is a solution that, assuming all of your servers are in one place or your workstations are all in the same network, you can run all of your backups - you can run them all - from one place. In a larger organization, I would say you want to have a workstation that's identified to do this, and you have maybe several people with access to that workstation so they can manage these backups. It has a very good interface. I can see the status of every computer that I'm backing up.”

Nick Gorbunov, Specialist at a integrator

“My recommendation is the same for any product. Decide what options you really need, and then test the required options. If the required options work fine, then implement the solution.”

Justin Kelley, Backup Administration Engineer at a financial services firm

“The top level solutions all have similar features, but find what you do most and choose the product that makes that the most efficient. Remember that in the end, you have to spend your days managing this. You want to make the day-to-day stuff you do as straightforward as possible. Build redundancies into your backups systems and split out backup traffic from the production network.”

Jeremy Steger, Solutions Architect at a tech services company

“Be sure to size your backup data volumes correctly. Whatever you think is enough, you will soon need more than what it may seem initially.”

Paul Heihn, Owner at a tech services company

“It depends on what you're going to use it for. This solution fulfills all of our needs. Its reporting features work flawlessly and it does everything that it's supposed to do, i.e, once it's setup without maintenance or any additional time. It just works.”

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Focus on vendor support for setup, deployment and resolving technical issues

IT Central Station users also stress that an important factor when choosing a backup and recovery solution is vendor support. When making such a considerable investment, our users want to be assured that the vendor will be available and helpful long after purchasing a backup and recovery tool:

Rex Sarchet, End User Technology Manager at a healthcare company

“The support is very responsive and the company has a genuine concern for their customers. In this day and age of outsourcing support, that is VERY refreshing.”

Recruitmd3a8, Recruitment Manager at Bank of Georgia

“The most important thing to me is that I can trust the vendor. I never feel that I am on my own without support.”

Scott McMillin, CEO and Founder

“Rely on the tech support department to help you implement it. They were a great help to me. We've had some problems since we've implemented their system. We've actually had hardware problems with some of our servers. We never had a backup fail because of the software, and even when we had a hardware problem, once we got the hardware problem solved their backup solution immediately kicked back in and started working.”

Consider the product’s stability, simplicity and ease of use

Before investing in a new backup and recovery solution, IT professionals search for valuable features such as ease of use, stability and the simplicity of the product. When the time comes to use a backup and recovery solution, users want to make sure that the product will be there to help them in a time of crisis.

Presidenf760, President at a tech services company

“Ease of deployment is something that was important, and that's what this solution did offer. If you're looking for a backup solution, you want to be sure that the deployment is easy to do, i.e., if you're working with hundreds of computers or so.”

StorageE11a4, Storage Engineer at a health, wellness and fitness company

“When selecting a vendor, we look for stability of the product and support mostly. Nothing's perfect. They're always coming out with new things. Their container storage pools are better. It's basically a setup and forget it.”

SeniorSt26da, Chief Information Officer at a tech services company

“The most valuable feature is the breadth of what it can do in an environment for backup protection of data. It's very scalable. Customers can adopt a Spectrum Protect solution at an entry level. As their environment grows, the solution will grow with it. They don't have to worry about purchasing additional vendor solutions to meet their backup and storage needs.”

Mukesh Soma, Infrastructure Manager at a mining and metals company

“I recommend the product, based on my experiences, obviously; being able to recover when we're required to get some data back; it is extremely reliable; and obviously the scalability and transforming the business as well.

Damir Imamovic, Software Engineer at a tech vendor

“It is easy to use and is an all-around solution for the backup of the Windows/Linux/Hyper-V/VMware environments. It has a very simple installation and a straightforward setup.”

Make sure to research other solutions

Whether it’s reading user reviews, doing a POC or using a free trial, IT Central Station users stress the importance of researching both the solution you are looking to purchase and other solutions fully before making a buying decision:

Sue Robinson, Data Security Manager at Aspen Insurance Group

“Go out to your network and ask people. If you've worked in IT, I always say it is worthwhile reaching out to old colleagues. If you're still in contact with them, ask them what they are doing, why they are using that software, and what the benefits are of using that software. You're going to understand more from someone’s first-hand experience.

A company can come in and say, “We have all these customers that can be references for us; but they just pick really small customers who it has been easy working with. They're not going to tell you about a customer like us who has been currently having lots of difficulty. So I'd say: Use your network and ask them if they can help answer your questions.”

StorageE11a4, Storage Engineer at a health, wellness and fitness company

“Do your homework. See what you have on the floor, what your road map says you're going to do for databases, systems, and platforms.”

AnalystI0c18, Analyst IT at Bayer

“Do your research. Don't just look at one product. We evaluated three or four different products.”

Eric Machabert, Consultant infrastructures at a tech services company

“Just try it with the free trial license key to form your own opinion. Each business has specific needs, so you need to evaluate the product by yourself. Since the setup is very easy for a PoC, you should definitely give it a try.”

To learn more about what IT Central Station users have to say about their backup and recovery software read their user reviews here.

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author avatarTechnical Support Engineer II with 10,001+ employees

I want to highlight that each product fits better depending on company size, so CIO's are the ones that should take the attention the most and understands the company current status and future growth before they decide a technology. It is hard to look for easy to install and manage products if the company growing fast or it is already an Enterprise, we are talking on so many layers of high-end storage and high availability solutions that is not simple to manage and even worst to fit the backup time window. I am worried that so many companies are looking to reduce costs and simplify but they need to understand that more and more we are producing high valuable data that must have safe copy. A hacker don't need to get into production system (the ones that have the most money invested), they can simple talk to poor and cheapest "backup boy" to get into the system and gather a copy of all production data and share with others. Really, from my experience I can certain say that nowadays 95% of mid to large companies can be easily hacked on their backup software as they chose the easiest/cheapest solutions. If you are a CIO and you took the decision to low cost, it is better to review your decision depending on how worth is your data information.