HP Announces New 20800 Series Arrays

Earlier this month at HP Discover two new 3PAR products and features were announced. Both versions are scalable to eight nodes:

  1. 20800 Converged Flash: 1920 HDDs and 1024 SSDs, 33.8TB of cache and 6PB capacity
  2. 20850 All-Flash: 1024 SSDs, 3.6TB of cache, and 4PB of capacity

These systems have a large amount of flash and connectivity from up to 160x 16Gb/s Fibre Channel ports.

The 20800 products are based on Gen5 “Thin Express” ASIC that includes support for SSD and implements improved (inline) data de-duplication and T10-PI for protection against data corruption issues. 20850 supports end-to-end T10 PI (Protection Information) from servers to backend storage drives.

Data replication will also be improved with these updates to data replication that makes use of asynchronous streaming mode. Streamed replication enables near-zero second RPO, compared to periodic replication that uses the shipping of snapshots to update the secondary array. Synchronous, asynchronous (snapshot) and asynchronous (streamed) modes are now all supported.

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author avatarUser at HPE

HI Avigail - spot on with the HP 3PAR StoreServ products. These are for data center consolidation and the emerging all-flash data center. There are so many blog posts that go into detail about the new HP 3PAR but this post that I did includes a ChalkTalk and is a good starting point. http://hpstorage.me/1J2mI3d

Thanks for the article!