HP Autonomy Trim Pricing

HP Autonomy Trim Overview:

HP Autonomy Trim is a next-generation enterprise electronic document and records management solution (EDRMS). This product is officially known as HP Records Manager since 2013, when many solutions were consolidated into this single powerful platform. HP Autonomy Trim is fully scalable, secure, and can handle huge data volumes.

HP Autonomy Trim is easy to use and provides one platform that can be accessed through multiple devices, such as cloud-based, on-premise, mobile, or hybrid deployments. The solution enables organizations to meet information governance and compliance requirements, to be prepared for eDiscovery, and it also has security and audit capabilities. Organizations will realize operational cost benefits by using HP Autonomy Trim, because they can reduce storage requirements with the document retention and disposal policies of the solution.

Major HP Autonomy Trim Customers:

HP Autonomy Trim has a large selection of customers from a variety of different industries. One of the most notable customers of HP Autonomy Trim is the State of Oregon.

HP Autonomy Trim Pricing & Products:

HP Autonomy Trim, or HP Records Manager, has these key features:

  • Integrated records and document management – management of electronic documents, records and web content. Provides workflow and imaging solutions, as well as document collaboration.
  • Standardized, easy-to-use interface.
  • Integrates with SharePoint.
  • Rich integration with email.
  • Advanced record requests.
  • Designed to comply with international standards and certifications.

If you are looking for HP Autonomy Trim pricing, then you will need to connect with an HP salesperson for a quote as standard HP Autonomy Trim pricing is not available online.

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