HP Vertica Pricing

HP Vertica Overview:

HP Vertica is a database warehousing appliance, also known as a big data analytics platform. It gives users the means to analyze their data and to glean valuable information from this data at lightning speed and at the scale that they require to meet their business needs.

The main features of HP Vertica include:

    -Scale-Out MPP Architecture

    -Aggressive Data Compression

    -Native BI, ETL, & Hadoop/MapReduce Integration

    -Database Designer & Administration Tools

    -Real-Time Query & Loading

    -Automatic High Availability

    -Columnar Storage & Execution

    -Optimizer, Execution Engine & Workload Management

    -Advanced In-Database Analytics

Major HP Vertica Customers:

HP Vertica’s customer base includes Verizon, Guess, Twitter, Novartis, Zynga, WebMD, Mozilla, The Washington Post, AOL, Comcast, and Sprint.

HP Vertica Pricing & Products:

It is no simple task finding the HP Vertica pricing on the HP Vertica website or even by googling the query. There is a fully-featured free version of the HP Vertica Community Edition that is available for download on their website after you create your myVertica Community account.

HP Vertica Product



HP Vertica Community Edition

The full-featured and fully functional version of the HP Vertica Big Data Analytics platform. Allows data management and analysis of maximum 1 TB of data with no time limit and across three nodes. Flex Zone is included in the package whereby you can analyze a maximum of 1 TB of dark data. Access to the myVertica community and resources.

Free and for an unlimited period.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

HP Vertica is listed as one of the Data Warehousing Appliances on IT Central Station, amongst competitors such as Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse, Oracle’s Exadata, and Infobright.

There are hundreds of business and IT professionals at IT Central Station who are currently using HP Vertica, or one of its alternatives, in their businesses to manage and analyze their data. This first-hand experience with these data analytics platforms makes these users an invaluable source of information about the various products available.

To assist you in your purchasing decision, visit IT Central Station to access the reviews of HP Vertica and other products like it.

There are also HP Vertica users who are available for you to contact directly. You can ask them any questions you may have about the HP Vertica pricing model and product features, to help you decide which data analytics platform is the best fit for your business.

By Ariel Lindenfeld



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