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Logi Info Overview:

Logi Info calls itself an “all-in-one information application development platform” with five core offerings – Core BI, Interactive Web Portals, Interactive Mobile Applications, Embedded Analytics, and Web Front-end.

Logi Info can be rolled out quickly and easily, and can grow with your company, without incurring additional costs. The solution is based on drag-and-drop technology, so you don’t need to know code to use the products. The solution is flexible enough to change as end user needs evolve, combines many data sources, and can be used across multiple platforms.

Major Logi Info Customers:

Logi Info is the chosen Business Intelligence Solution for a large number of organizations, including Better Business Bureau, VasoHealthcare, Perry’s Ice Cream, Express Metrix, Motionsoft, Grand Crowne Resorts, Virginia State University, and iFreedom Direct.

Logi Info Pricing & Products:

Logi Info pricing is not available online. Instead, if you are interested in the product, you can request a 30-minute live demo with one of the engineers. Another option is to download the 15-day free trial to experience the product first-hand. The sales team can be contacted directly for any Logi Info pricing queries.

The products are built around five core offerings:

Offering Description
Core Business Intelligence (BI) – Dashboards, Reports & Analytics Logi Info is a flexible, web-based Business Intelligence solution that enables IT to quickly create and roll-out customized web-based reports, dashboards and interactive analytics. Different end-users have different data requirements that change all the time. One of the best features of Logi Info is the fact that end-users, as well as IT, can build and manage their own data views. Logi Info pulls together all data sources to create customized and feature-rich data intelligence.
Interactive Web Portals Logi Info provides web portals to share information in a secure, customized and scalable manner. This information-sharing platform is cost-effective, delivers information in real-time, and integrates with other media, content and web services.
Interactive Mobile Applications The Logi Info Mobile Applications deliver information as well as interact with core systems securely, allowing for full functionality through a mobile device. Logi Info supports multiple platforms, uses mobile-optimized features (GPS, touch screen, etc.), and allows for product simulation.
Embedded Analytics Seamlessly embed ad hoc reporting, dashboards, and other types of analytics into operational applications to increase application functionality.
Web Front-End Improve workflow, data processing and synchronization with secure and integrated systems using the Logi Info platform. Users will be able to find information and interact with other systems through secure and easy-to-use web interfaces.

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By Hadas Bergman



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