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The following is an article about MicroStrategy, including pricing information we have found from public sources - through searching the web and browsing the vendor's website. We include a company overview, pricing information for some of its products, plus suggestions on how to connect with MicroStrategy customers who can share with you their first-hand experiences.

MicroStrategy Overview:

MicroStrategy, Inc. is a publicly traded business intelligence (BI) software provider with offices in 28 countries around the world, including San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, London, Paris, Warsaw, and Milan.

MicroStrategy provides organizations and companies with BI, cloud-based services, and software platforms for mobile and social intelligence apps. With MicroStrategy services and products, customers can analyze data (inventory, sales data, and payroll figures), generate integrated reports, develop mobile apps, and make important business decisions based on information from Excel files, Hadoop frameworks, and data warehouses.

Major MicroStrategy Customers:

MicroStrategy customers include Allstate Insurance, Barneys New York, Boston Children’s Hospital, Buenos Aires Department of the Treasury, Campbell Soup Company, DHL, eBay, eHarmony, Facebook, Four Seasons Hotels Inc., Godiva, Hard Rock International, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pfizer, SECO (Swiss Government Unemployment Agency), Starbucks, Texas A&M University, Thomson Reuters Markets, US House of Representatives, and the US Postal Service.

MicroStrategy Products & Pricing:

MicroStrategy pricing varies depending on the product, and as you’ll see from the chart below, many of the products are free apps that you can download onto your Android or Apple device. What you’ll also find below is that MicroStrategy pricing is extremely difficult to find! Prices are mysteriously absent from the MicroStrategy website (the pricing info page itself even manages to avoid discussing prices), and are nearly impossible to find through Googling.

MicroStrategy Analytics Platform: Comprehensive analytics platform. (Pricing: Server component priced at $1,200 per named user or $600K per CPU Core (one core license equals 500 named users))

MicroStrategy Mobile and/or Web: A quick and cost-efficient way to build custom, code-free mobile apps that will mobilize important data from your desktop into the mobile workforce. (Pricing: an additional $600 per user or $300K per core each))

Usher: A mobile identity platform that increases enterprise safety and security by rendering digital “badges” to validate the credentials and identity of mobile users. (Pricing: varies)

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop: A quick, visual analytics tool used to analyze data in a self-service, user-friendly manner. (Pricing: Free)

MicroStrategy Analytics Express: A software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution that enables users to execute analytical activity (design documents, deliver individualized data, create custom interfaces, publish data to mobile users) in a self-service manner. (Pricing: Free)

Want Advice from Your Peers?

IT Central Station features hundreds of MicroStrategy users and other business intelligence professionals who have already gone through the purchasing process. They’ve compared vendors and done their own cost-benefit analysis of purchasing MicroStrategy products. We invite you to visit IT Central Station now to read MicroStrategy reviews and connect directly (via private message or in an “off the record” reference call) with MicroStrategy users – these experts are eager to connect with you and answer your questions. Click here to find MicroStrategy users who can share their experiences with you.

By Ariel Lindenfeld



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