MySQL Pricing

MySQL Overview:

Until its recent acquisition by Oracle, MySQL was possibly the most renowned open source database enterprise package that could be accessed completely for free. With the merger, the server increased both its features and its price tag, but there is still a free version available to the general community to contribute ideas and suggestions.

MySQL is a fast and relatively inexpensive database management system. It can easily integrate with a wide variety of programming languages, and it is considered to be a very reliable option. One of the most prominent features that customers seem to enjoy is the easy scalability of this system.

MySQL Customers:

Businesses that use MySQL include Facebook, Tumblr, Scholastic, MTV Networks, Wikipedia, Verizon Wireless, Sage Group, Glassfish Open Message Queue, and RightNow Technologies.

MySQL Pricing:

MySQL can be acquired in two ways: either the open source option (which is free) or the paid versions. See the MySQL pricing table below for more details:

Product Description Price
MySQL Community Edition The open source downloadable option. FREE
MySQL Standard Edition Unlimited Oracle support, knowledge base, maintenance, MySQL Database server, connectors, replication, Workbench, and certifications with Linux, VM, and Solaris. $2000
MySQL Enterprise Edition All of the above plus MySQL partitioning, MySQL Enterprise monitor, backup, security, audit, scalability, high-availability, and additional certifications to include GoldenGate, Integrator, Fusion Middleware, Secure Backup, and Audit Vault and Database Firewall. $5000
MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition All of the above plus additional storage engine, and MySQL Cluster Manager which includes configuration and provisioning, automatic scaling, and management and monitoring. $1000

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By Hadas Bergman


Catalin Iulian IliesReal UserTOP 20

Pricing is "per Server", for 2 classes: Servers with 1-4 Sockets, and Servers with 5+ Sockets
-> Server: is defined as the computer on which the programs are installed. A Server license allows you to use the licensed program on a single specified computer.

Like (0)04 January 16

I would like to see a way of implementing a project scope as currently it is just folders, tags and tasks.


Like (0)23 December 14
kapilmalik1983ConsultantTOP REVIEWER

Does mysql have license based on number of clients as well? Or can we use single server license for N number of clients?

Like (0)10 April 14

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