​NETGEAR Ethernet Switches Pricing

NETGEAR Ethernet Switches Overview:

NETGEAR Ethernet Switches, branded as NETGEAR ProSafe Switches, comes in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find the right solution to fit your business requirements.

If you’re a small to medium sized company, you’ll have three switching options – NETGEAR Unmanaged, Plus and Smart Switch solutions. If you’re managing a large enterprise network or a campus network, then NETGEAR Fully Managed Infrastructures is the solution for you. All the NETGEAR Ethernet Switches and solutions are innovative, easy to install and use, reliable, and very cost-effective.

NETGEAR Ethernet Switches Pricing & Products:

NETGEAR Ethernet Switches pricing can be obtained from either an authorized reseller, a distribution partner, or at one of many online stores that sell the products. For full NETGEAR Ethernet Switches pricing, you can contact one of these suppliers and request a quote based on the product or solution that’s best for your business.

Product Description
Managed Switches Ideal for enterprise and campus networks. These NETGEAR ProSafe, high-end Managed Switches deliver high-availability, integrated security, and offer top-notch delivery and manageability
Smart Switches This solution is for small or medium sized businesses. It is cost-effective and includes all essential features, such as PoE, VLAN, network security, QoS, stacking, and web-based management.
Unmanaged Plus Switches Go beyond basic connectivity the cost-effective way with this solution. It’s the next step up from unmanaged switches for growing businesses.
Unmanaged Switches These switches are plug-and-play, proving instant and reliable connectivity.
Modules and Accessories Includes Stacking Kits, Fast Ethernet, RPS Units, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit SFP Optics, as well as accessories for the switch.

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