New CDN Reviews -- Q1 2017

What are real users in the enterprise tech community saying about CDN solutions in 2017?

In the review excerpts below, we take a look at new CDN reviews on IT Central Station. Users discuss the solutions listed below, sharing which features they’ve found most valuable, and where they hope to see improvements in the future:

Imperva Incapsula

Features Users Find Most Valuable

“Hands down, the WAF is the most valuable feature; being able to identify, block, whitelist or blacklist as needed, are all valuable”, says Steven Tipton, Application Security Architect at a hospitality company with 1,001-5,000 employees.

Where Users See Room for Improvement

“The management interface needs improving”, finds a Security Architect at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees.

“Even with a recent version of the interface”, he explains, “you cannot do all the changes that you would like. As an example, if you want to change one of your protected public IP addresses, you need to request this from support, and it takes a long time.”


Features Users Find Most Valuable

Adrian Volcoff, Online Marketing & Development Manager at an engineering company with 501-1,000 employees writes:

DNS Management is the most valuable feature of the product on the free plan, and the CDN options are robust on the business plan.”

Volcoff then elaborates, “It offers single-point DNS management for all of the company’s domains that might be registered with different registrars.

Refreshing the site cache is very fast and easy, and the developer's mode is also a great feature.”

Where Users See Room for Improvement

Matthew Burgess, Systems and New Media Manager at a leisure/travel company with 51-200 employees, points out the following:

“The ‘Always Online’ feature has room for improvement. It seems to work sometimes and not others even with the pro version.

The feature shows a cached version of your live site if your host is offline.”

Burgess shows a screenshot of what CloudFlare shows when your site is offline:


Features Users Find Most Valuable

Chimwemwe Chimwaza, Business Development Manager at a Business Computer Services company, shares:

“It speeds up clients' workflow and productivity. Deployment is faster, for example. They can test and build applications. They can build virtual machines, test them and have them deployed in a much shorter period of time. It increases the efficiency of IT operations and it cuts costs because you pay for services only as and when you need them.”

Where Users See Room for Improvement

Chimwaza then adds that “As they bring new releases out, they tend to be more user friendly and easier to manage. I hope that they continue to do so. It will be easier to use and easier to manage so that the resistance from the market is not high. They'll just work on the development.”

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