New Features to Assist IT Operations Teams

New Relic announced new features across the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud. These features will provide increased visibility with more comprehensive data and analytics capabilities, to drive stronger collaboration between IT operations and development teams.

These features affect three tools in the Software Analytics Cloud: New Relic APM, New Relic Synthetics and New Relic Browser.

New Relic APM will now feature increased visibility within service maps, showing IT operations teams how a single service node’s performance impacts the entire system without leaving the Service Map.

New Relic Synthetics added five public locations and Private Locations to give customers a larger geographic footprint to run synthetic scripts. Additionally, New Relic Synthetics now also features a new REST API, which allows for the automatic updating of monitors to create a more integrated application release process.

New Relic Browser now includes New Relic’s analytics engine to create geographic filters to graphically view high-traffic areas.

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