New IT Infrastructure Monitoring Reviews -- What Users are Saying in Q2 2017

What have enterprise tech professionals been writing about IT infrastructure monitoring tools in Q2 2017?

In our most recent user reviews, IT Central Station users share how their solutions have been improving their organizations so far this quarter, and suggest future improvements that would help down the line.

Users discuss:

Question: How Has Your IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool Improved Your Solution?


SolarWinds NPM: Improvements to My Organization

Brian Vinson, a Systems Engineer at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees, shares:

“It has helped to provide a user friendly interface for support to drill down and see where the issue lies and remediate issues quickly.

We have other solutions that might have features NPM does not but the front end could look confusing to an inexperienced user. With NPM, we are able to fine-tune what the support accounts look like so users only see the things they need to do their jobs effectively.”

CA Spectrum: Improvements to My Organization

Mark Parkin, Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) Engineer at an aerospace/defense firm with 10,001+ employees, shares:

“A good example would be our world map. This organization is international. We built a zoomable world map in Spectrum depicting every company site in every nation and US state.

The maps provide a true “at a glance” view of issues across company sites. Roll-up is user-definable. The maps are also very popular with visitors and customers since they are attractive and it is obvious at a glance what they depict. The fact that Spectrum provides the ability to build and link these maps is a real plus.”

Opsview Enterprise: Improvements to My Organization

Scot Gardner, Systems Administrator at Antietam Cable Television, Inc., shares:

All the useful information is right there in tabs for me to check on graphs; check if and when notifications went out. I can make notes on a particular occurrence, and check the history all of these features.

It saves me time when troubleshooting an issue with an interface or service. Speaking of troubleshooting, the ability to test the script or plugin right from this Investigative mode is my second favorite feature.”

Question: Which Improvements Would You Suggest to Your IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool?


SolarWinds NPM: Room for Improvement

Osayuki Obasohan, Trainee Network/NOC Engineer at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees, suggests:

“Dependencies: Created dependencies are not visible for management/editing by default until some tweaking is done. It would be better if this is enabled by default.”

CA Spectrum: Room for Improvement

Snehashis Paul, TEM Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees, suggests:

NCM: Needs to be more user-friendly and refined. The ability to quickly see changes across various time configured backups helps to quickly identify changes which could be a root cause to a prevalent problem due to incorrect configurations.”

Opsview Enterprise: Room for Improvement

Scot Gardner, Systems Administrator at Antietam Cable Television, Inc., suggests:

Reload time: Although there have been major gains in the time to process reloads, I think that there is still room for improvement in this area.”

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