OBIEE Pricing

OBIEE Overview:

OBIEE is a multifaceted network of tools that can create a more fluid and better-integrated data flow for your business. This service is actually a platform that is made up of six individual elements, rather than a single tool with multiple features. These services include: presentation catalog, BI presentation service, BI scheduler service, BI server service, administration client, and metadata repository.

The purpose of the OBIEE is to have an entire system for all of your enterprising needs. The various tools within the suite can take your data, organize it, analyze it and then glean the pertinent information from it, sending it on to the relevant parties who can then use it for metrics, pattern analysis, and future projections. The essence of the platform is to integrate your current IT together with their tools in order to give you the overall best return on investment with minimal fiscal obligations.

OBIEE Customers:

OBIEE has customers such as Banca Transilvania, Beckman Coulter, Hong Kong Housing Society, HealthShare, Ivanhoe Cambridge Unifies, and Home Credit, and Finance Bank to name a few using the suite of products every day.

OBIEE Pricing:

The OBIEE is subject to the OTN licensing agreement, and it can be downloaded from the main website. There are several upgrades and updated editions, with the 11g model being the most recent. Most operating systems including Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris and AIX are supported with this software.

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By Hadas Bergman



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