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Pentaho Overview:

Pentaho is an open source business intelligence company that provides a wide range of tools to help their customers better manage their businesses. These tools include data integration software, mining tools, dashboard applications, online analytical processing options, and more.

Pentaho has two product categories: There is the standard enterprise version. This is the product that comes directly from Pentaho itself with all of the benefits, features, and programs that come along with a paid application such us analysis services, dashboard design, and interactive reporting.

The alternative is an open source version, which the public is permitted to add to and tweak the product. This solution has its advantages, aside from the fact that it is free, in that there are many more people working on the project to improve its quality and breadth of functionality.

Major Pentaho Customers:

Pentaho is used by corporations all over the world including Cargo 2000 Lufthansa, Marketo, ModCloth, Cardiac Science, Telefonica, Exact Target, Active Broadband Networks, Brussels Airport, and more.

Pentaho Products & Pricing:

Pentaho is available in both a community-driven form as well as an enterprise option. The latter has features and capabilities that are not available in the community-centered option, including extended support, and is a paid for service. Even the community-based version, though, can be greatly built up without cost through community-donated plugins and aids.




Enterprise Suite

A wide range of tools to enhance productivity and usability.

Various, depending on tools and software

Community Edition

Enhanced features, add-ons and built up through community participation and contribution.


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