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Quality Center Overview:

Quality Center (also known as Quality Center Enterprise) is HP’s application software quality management and testing platform. End-users expect high-speed, high-performing applications with minimal errors and downtime. Quality Center helps you to create and test applications that exceed all these end-user expectations by managing and automating the delivery of high-quality, secure, and reliable applications.

With its consistent and repeatable application management processes, Quality Center minimizes the time and cost it takes to develop applications and mitigates the risk of errors and defects. It is a unified platform that is fully scalable to include multiple software projects and allows for team collaboration and transparency. It also seamlessly integrates with third-party and other HP software solutions.

Major Quality Center Customers:

Quality Center has over 5,000 customers including The Federal Administration, Bank Asya, CitiPower, Powercor, DB Systel, JetBlue, Seagate, Swiss Life, and NNE Pharmaplan.

Quality Center Pricing & Products;

Quality Center pricing is not available online. If you are interested in obtaining Quality Center pricing and more information about the product, you should contact the sales team or a local reseller. There are free trials available for Quality Center.

There are essentially two offerings – Quality Center Enterprise and Quality Center Enterprise on SaaS. The standard Quality Center Enterprise is comprised of multiple components including:

Component Description
Test and Defect Management Quality Center supports the planning and scheduling of tests, management of defects, and full reporting.
Requirements Management Gives you full visibility throughout the process from requirements to Tests & Defects.
Business Process Testing The component-based testing framework gives you functional testing automation.
Manual Testing Offers streamlined exploratory testing of new application software.
Automated Testing Continuous, automatic testing from the outset.
Scriptless Test Automation No recording or scripting required for these tests, which are keyword-based and driven by data.
Mobile Defect Submitter Defects are submitted using mobile devices.
Quality Center Enterprise Synchronizer Synchronization of defect data and requirements to third-party and HP tools using HP ALM Synchronizer.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

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