Rackspace Cloud Pricing

Rackspace Cloud Overview:

Rackspace is a listed company that specializes in hybrid cloud environments to support your applications and sites. The environments are based on its open-source operating system OpenStack.Rackspace Cloud caters for the private cloud, public cloud, dedicated servers, or a hybrid of platforms.

Your Rackspace Cloud environment is customizable according to your cloud requirements, and all products work together seamlessly from one portal.

Major Rackspace Cloud Customers:

Rackspace Cloud has a huge customer base including 3D Capacity, Acquity Group, Axios Systems, Behance, Blastro, Domino’s Pizza, and Sage.

Rackspace Cloud Pricing & Products:

Rackspace Cloud is made up of a number of different products, so you can select the combination of products that meet your business cloud requirements. Rackspace Cloud pricing is dependent on your customized solution and is on a usage basis.

Product Description Price
Rackspace Cloud Servers On-demand virtual servers that are designed for reliability and top performance. Fully scalable according to needs. Rackspace Cloud pricing is on a per minute basis. Managed Cloud Service Level is available for $100 per month and with a higher per minute rate. Starts at $29.20 per month.
Rackspace Cloud Block Storage Reliable and fast storage connected to Cloud servers. Standard Volumes: $0.12/GB/month (minimum $12/month for 100GB). SSD Volumes: $0.50/GB/month (minimum $50/month for 100GB).
Rackspace Cloud Files Online object storage of media and files delivered quickly using Akamai’s Content Delivery Network. Pay-as-you-grow, tiered pricing according to total TB required. Starts at 10c/GB/month.
Rackspace Cloud Backup File-level back-up for Cloud servers. Infrastructure service level – base price is $10/month/server + $0.10/GB/month + bandwidth starting at $0.12/GB. Managed Cloud Service Level – standard pricing plus $100 monthly fee.
Rackspace Cloud Databases Cloud-based MySQL database. Has built-in redundancy and automated configuration for high-performance. Billed per hour based on instance size. Starts at $36.50/month. Infrastructure Service Level or Managed Cloud Service Level options available.
Rackspace Cloud Big Data Platform Big-data clusters on OpenStack-supported cloud. 1.3TB Storage – $0.37/hour ($270.10/month minimum). 11.0TB Storage – $2.96/hour ($2,160.80/month minimum).
Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers Reliable and easily configurable failover for high-traffic site or app hosted on Cloud Databases or Cloud Servers. Per Instance – $10.95/month ($0.015/hour, billed per minute). OR Per Instance with SSL –$36.50/month ($0.05/hour, billed per minute).


100 Concurrent Connections – $10.95/month ($0.015/hour, billed per minute).

Rackspace Cloud DNS

Automation and simplification of Doman Name System Management. Free
Rackspace Cloud Networks Fully isolated, single-tenant cloud networks. Free
Rackspace Cloud Queues Scalable cloud message queue service. 1 million free API requests/month. Then pay $0.01 per 10,000 API requests.
Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Immediate and automatic alerts for any URL, port or protocol issues. Five monitoring zones and pricing is based on the zone. Starts at $1.50/month.

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