RHEV Pricing

RHEV Overview:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, or RHEV, is a leading open standard enterprise virtualization management solution. This solution supports virtualization of servers and desktops using the same infrastructure and a single easy-to-use interface.

Because RHEV is based on open standards, it is vendor-independent and a lot more cost effective and flexible than proprietary solutions.

Major RHEV Customers:

Key RHEV customers include Qualcomm and Bonham’s Auction House.

RHEV Pricing & Products:

RHEV is built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and is compatible with Linux and Windows operating Systems, and also works with other enterprise software, such as SAP, Oracle, and SAS. As RHEV is a component of the Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, it allows organizations to prepare for the cloud, and to do so very cost-effectively and securely.

RHEV has no upfront license fee. Instead the RHEV pricing is subscription-based, covering product access, support and updates. The annual subscription fee doesn’t change each year, and is based on the support level selected. The RHEV pricing model is based on a per-socket pair (per hypervisor) and includes Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.

There is only one enterprise edition available and with this simple subscription model, it is easy to understand the RHEV pricing. Exact pricing is available from the Red Hat sales team or registered partners, so that you can get an accurate quote based on your specifications and support requirements. Subscription pricing is calculated by multiplying the cost of the support option you chose (Standard or Premium) by the total number of socket pairs of your managed hypervisor server host servers.

This is what is included in the RHEV subscription:

  • 2 sockets of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor.
  • Unlimited nodes of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.
  • All Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization features are available for virtualized desktops and servers.
  • No limit on vRAM.
  • Technical support: Standard (business hours only) or Premium (24/7/365).
  • All updates.

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By Hadas Bergman



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