SAS Business Intelligence Pricing

SAS Business Intelligence Overview:

The SAS Business Intelligence package offers business owners an all-in-one tool for data analysis. It is mainly comprised of analytics software that can handle all of the statistical analysis that a company requires. Functions include mining and managing to fetching important information from a variety of sources and even adapting that information, all for the purpose of analyzing the data for future use.

The SAS Business Intelligence software allows users to handle, understand, and analyze their data in both past and present fields, as well as influence vital factors for future changes. Users can also create and publish reports based on their findings so that others in their field can share the information and input suggestions. The graphic presentation is another benefit that many businesses find useful when presenting their findings to others.

Major SAS Business Intelligence Customers:

SAS Business Intelligence is being used by major companies, including Staples, Ausgrid, Scotiabank, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Xcel Energy, Triad Analytics Solutions, as well as many others.

SAS Business Intelligence Pricing:

SAS Business Intelligence pricing is based on the various tools and features that a business is looking to implement. The SAS team will look at your specific requirements and quote a price that is based on those needs.




SAS Business Intelligence

Suite (Analytics Pro)

This includes the base SAS server, SAS/STAT and SAS/GRAPH


Additional Users

Cost per user


Compare SAS Business Intelligence With Similar Tools:

The SAS Business Intelligence suite is only one option that you have when searching for analytics software. Read full reviews of the SAS BI at IT Central Station, and then compare this product with similar options such as Tableau and Oracle BI with concrete information provided by peers who have tested these software systems themselves.

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By Hadas Bergman



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