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ScaleIO is purposely designed to be an enterprise-grade scale-out software-defined storage solution. It applies the principles of server virtualization to standard x86 server flash and hybrid media, turning them into high performance, sharable, pools of storage. Whether your block storage needs are for traditional, modern or cloud workloads, ScaleIO has you covered.


Major Customers:

Check Point Software Technologies, Blue Central, Deltares, Sentinel Technologies, The Binding Site Group, Swisscom, Itrica


Pricing & Plans:

ScaleIO can be deployed in a “storage only” configuration to create a feature-rich, high-performance external storage system with x86 server nodes, or it can be deployed in a hyper-converged environment that converges compute and storage resources into a scale-out architecture, running directly on the same server resources that host the application and virtual servers. Regardless of how it is deployed, ScaleIO software combines all available server resources to create a large pool of virtual shared storage.

ScaleIO is offered both as a software-only solution, where the software runs on the customer’s existing hardware, or as a combined solution integrating ScaleIO Ready Nodes (at least in part) with the ScaleIO software.

ScaleIO specifications include:

Supported Operation Systems

Microsoft Windows

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

CentOS Linux

SUSE Linux

Storage Media



PCIe Flash


VMware vSphere

Microsoft Hyper-V

Linux KVM

Citrix XenServer

Minimum Number of Nodes


Maximum Number of Nodes

1024 per cluster

ScaleIO services include:

Customer Services

Basic Support

Response based on severity level within 9-5 basic plus 24x7 remote support.

Enhanced Support

Basic support plus next business day onsite and 24x7 remote support.

Premium Support

Upgrade options include four-hour onsite responses as well as post-warranty maintenance.

Professional Services

Planning Services

Provide guidance and technology recommendations to help evaluate and architect your storage infrastructure. Services may include: Planning and Design, Infrastructure Assessments, Readiness Assessments, Architecture Design, as well as IT Transformation Workshop.

Deployment Services

Plan, design, install, configure, and integrate your Dell EMC storage infrastructure. Services may include: Product Installation, Implementation and Configuration, Technology Integration, Application Integration, as well as Data Migration.


Licensing & Costs:

ScaleIO enables a pay-as-you-grow approach to capacity planning; therefore you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

ScaleIO is purchased with a license, and the client pays per GB.


Free Trial / Demo:

A limited freeware version of ScaleIO can be downloaded and used indefinitely on Dell EMC’s website.

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By Meir Joffe

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