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The following is an article about Tableau, including pricing information we have found from public sources - through searching the web and browsing the vendor's website. We include a company overview, pricing information for some of its products, plus suggestions on how to connect with Tableau customers who can share with you their first-hand experiences.

Tableau Overview:

Tableau is a BI-focused software company that produces a wide range of interactive visualization tools that help businesses analyze large quantities of data in a quick, intuitive, and user-friendly way. This BI expert's detailed review of Tableau is a great place to start learning about Tableau.

Major Tableau Customers:

Tableau customers include Accenture, Adobe,, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Citigroup, Coca-Cola Company, Cornell University, Dell, Deloitte, Duke University, eBay, Exxon Mobil, Fannie Mae, Ferrari, French Red Cross, Goldman Sachs, Google, the Government of Canada, HP, Intel, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Macy’s, Merck, the New York Times, PayPal, Pfizer, the US Army, the US Air Force, Skype, and Walmart.

Tableau Pricing & Products:

Tableau features five major products, each with its own pricing solution.

Tableau Desktop: A drag-and-drop desktop program that allows users to quickly analyze, sort, and visualize big data in record time. (Pricing: Professional edition - $1,999 per user, first year; $399 per year thereafter. Personal edition - $999 per user, first year; $199 per year thereafter)

Tableau Server: Browser-based analytics with an interactive dashboard. Sharable, usable BI available for desktop and mobile use.

Tableau Online: The hosted version of Tableau Server, enabling users to share live, interactive dashboards within the company as well as with partners and customers. (Pricing: $500-$1,000 per user, per year)

Tableau Reader: A free PC app that enables sharing of data visualization created with Tableau Desktop. (Pricing: Free)

Tableau Public: Website enhancement with interactive data “storytelling.” No programming necessary to create, publish, or share visualizations. (Pricing: Free)

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By Ariel Lindenfeld


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