The chain are never stronger than the weakest link.

Normally I would have walked on and I think most people will do that, maybe they think that this is littering and that someone should clean this up.

But as I looked closer I realized that this was shredded paper and that its was in front of a building belonging to the South African consulate. This made me think of several different spy movie I have seen the last decade. Garbage diving and sitting all night trying to match shred to shred with glue and tape to finally find that specific paper to solve the mystery of what happened to agent X.

A owner of something that did not care enough to see it to the end or was deceived that the last stop was the burner and not the street. This may have been a temporary stop on the way and the end may still be the incinerator but for now it was lying here on the street of a large city in Europe.

Our information travels all over the globe today and resides in system we have no control over and do you trust the owners of these systems to handle your information as you would? To responsibly secure your data? To NOT leave it on the streets for any amount of time?

Information classification, processes and ways on how to deliver, handle and dispose of data securely are needed now more than ever.

Please use IT-Governance and produce internal compliance rules so that information is taken care of in a responsible way.

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