Top Server Virtualization Software - 2015 Edition

Here at IT Central Station, we offer a crowdsourced platform that allows real users to share their opinions about tech products with the rest of the enterprise tech community. We have compiled over 85,000 views of the top Server Virtualization Software by real users in 2014 and analyzed their trends in the infographic below. All of our data is based on actual behavior of real users researching and comparing vendors on IT Central Station.

The most popular tool as selected by our users is VMware ESXi, with over 20,000 views and an average rating of 9.0. However, the top rated product based on review ratings from real users was vSphere, with an average rating of 9.2. IT Central Station uses a weighted ranking system based on views, comparisons, reviews, followers, and average rating of every product in determining our ranking of the top products in each category. For full details regarding our ranking system, see below.

View the infographic here:

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