Upcoming PeerPanel: Users discuss their best practices using Splunk for UBA/UEBA (Not "sponsored" and no vendor pitches!)

Dear IT Central Station member,

Our mission here at IT Central Station is to enable technology professionals like you to share opinions, read reviews, and get unbiased information about software solutions.

We are running a PeerPanel on the topic of UEBA/UBA (user behavior analytics) from IT professionals using Splunk. It's a 30-minute webinar without any vendors presenting or giving pitches. 

It's not sponsored by any vendor.

It's an opportunity for you to hear best practices from your peers in a live webinar format. Followed by open Q&A, so bring your questions!

The topics we will cover in the panel discussion:

- What problem were you trying to solve with UEBA?
- Which vendor(s) did you evaluate and why?
- What do you like most about your current solution?
- What is missing?
- What advice do you give to others who are looking to evaluate UEBA

We think you'll find it useful and informative!

It will take place on Wednesday May 6 at 11am Eastern US time.

If you use Splunk for UEBA/UBA and would like to be a panelist: https://forms.gle/Ct7E2UNArxV8pWns6

You can remain anonymous as a panelist. You will not need to say your name or company name in the PeerPanel. 

To register (free): www.crowdcast.io/e/bkcwtn3j/register

If you register you will get free access to the recording afterwards.

In a market full of vendor hype, we provide free connections between real users to share advice and make better buying decisions.


Founder and CEO of IT Central Station

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