vCloud Director Pricing

vCloud Director Overview:

VMware vCloud Director provides software-defined services for data centers in the form of virtual data centers. Computing, networking, security, and storage are all virtualized when you deploy this solution. The result is that users will get to enjoy infrastructure that is operationally ready in a matter of minutes without needing to install and configure any physical infrastructure.

Major vCloud Director Customers:

Some of the major vCloud Director customers include MicroStrategy, National Democratic Institute, and NYSE Euronext.

vCloud Director Pricing & Products:

vCloud Director pricing is not available online. To get a quote from a salesperson, you can use the online contact form or contact a local reseller for vCloud Director pricing. There is a free 60-day trial period offered if you prefer to try before you buy.

There are a number of licenses that you require before you can install vCloud Director. You need VMware vSphere Enterprise edition or higher licenses, and a minimum of one instance of VMware vCenter Server Standard. If you would like advanced networking functionality through the Distributed Switch, then vSphere Enterprise Plus is recommended.

Key features of vCloud Director are:

  • Software-defined services as Virtual Data Centers – Efficient allocation of resources, and integrates with VMware vSphere Storage.
  • Speedy provisioning possible due to vApp Templates, vApp Catalogs, snapshot and revert functionality, and vSphere-linked clone technology.
  • Open API – Open Virtualization Format (OVF), and Callouts.
  • Security and Resource Consumption Control – VMware vCloud Networking and Security technologies, web portal that is self-service, VMware vCenter single sign-on, access control that is role-based, isolation of multi-tenant organizations.

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