VMware ESXi Pricing

VMware ESXi Overview:

VMware ESXi is VMware’s most recent hypervisor architecture. This new and improved product has the same key functionality and performance capabilities as its predecessor but with some major improvements, specifically its ultra-thin architecture and small footprint. Another key benefit of VMware ESXi is that, with its automated configurations and menu-driven startup, it is simple to deploy and manage. Your VMware ESXi virtualization solution can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

VMware ESXi is even more secure, stable and reliable than the previous version, ESX, and many competitors because it has a small code base, which means less code to patch and a smaller surface to be ‘attacked’.

With VMWare ESXi, organizations can virtualize their servers and centralize their applications, with less hardware required. Being OS-independent, VMware ESXi supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

Major VMware ESXi Customers:

VMware ESXi major customers include Arizona Department of Economic Security, Amway, Barnes Banking Company, Insurance.com, Opus Interactive, and Oxford University.

VMware ESXi Pricing & Products:

VMware ESXi is available either as a part of the vSphere all-in-one-solution, or as a stand-alone product that is best suited for single-server virtualization deployment. When it comes to VMware ESXi pricing, the product is free as a stand-alone product, and is incorporated into the total vSphere pricing. The VMware ESXi free download is available on the VMware website, and the vSphere editions/kits pricing is also available on the site.

Some of the key features of VMware ESXi are:

  • Built-in management tool.
  • Advanced memory management.
  • Efficient storage usage.
  • Hardened drivers providing high reliability.

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By Hadas Bergman



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