VMware Player Pricing

VMware Player Overview:

VMware Player, or VMware Player Plus, is described by VMware as “the easiest way to run a virtual machine on Windows or Linux PCs in a commercial environment.” If you want to deliver a managed desktop to your employees, customers, students, contractors, or partners, then this virtual desktop solution is the way to go.

VMware Player provides the most advanced virtualization platform available, which is capable of supporting even extremely demanding applications. Even though the platform is so advanced, the user interface is simple and easy-to-use.

There is seamless integration with Windows XP and Windows XP applications even if the machine itself is a Windows 7 PC, a Windows 8 PC, or even Linux-based. It also gives your IT person the capability of restricting the virtual machines by requiring runtime passwords, adding an expiration date, blocking USB devices, or encrypting the machines. By using VMware vCenter Converter, VMware Player can even convert old machines into virtual machines without you needing to re-configure or re-install any applications.

VMware Player Pricing & Products:

VMware Player pricing depends on whether you’ll be using the virtual machine for personal use or business use. The product that is for personal use is known as VMware Player, and it is available as a free online download. VMware Player Plus is the product that is for commercial use and this option has license-based pricing. The cost of a VMware Player Plus license is $118.44 when purchased online.(1)

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By Hadas Bergman

1. This pricing is based on the European pricing from the European VMware store, as this is where the site directs me.

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Nice article !! What are the differences between free version of VMWare player and licensed version of VMWare plus?

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