VMware Server Pricing

VMware Server Overview:

VMware vCenter Server, or VMware Server as it is more commonly known, is a centralized platform that allows businesses to effectively automate and deliver virtual infrastructure. It runs on Linux-based virtual appliances and manages VMware vSphere environments.

With VMware Server, IT professionals can enjoy visibility, control and extensibility from one centralized console, as well as proactive management and optimization. VMware Server is quick and easy to deploy.

Major VMware Server Customers:

Major VMware Server customers include SAP AG, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Indiana University, University of Montreal, and University of Colorado.

VMware Server Pricing & Products:

There are two editions of VMware Server available ā€“ vCenter Server Standard for larger vSphere deployments, and vCenter Server Foundation for environments on a smaller scale (up to three vSphere hosts).

VMware Server pricing is dependent on which of these two editions you purchase, and each edition comes with two support options ā€“ Basic or Production support. Licensing can be either for one year or three years. Pricing is available online, or you can contact the VMware sales team, or a local reseller for pricing.

Below is the VMware Server pricing that is the recommended retail pricing in the United States. For exact pricing, you should contact a registered reseller or the VMware online store.

Edition Description Price
vCenter Server Standard Management on a large scale to provide effective control of virtual machines, monitoring, rapid provisioning and orchestration. With Basic support (12 hrs/day, business days): $6,044 With Production support (27/7): $6,244
vCenter Server Foundation Best for the monitoring, rapid provisioning, and control of virtual machines in smaller environments. With Basic support (12 hrs/day, business days): $2,040 With Production support (27/7): $2,140

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