Windows Azure Pricing

Windows Azure Overview:

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform where developers can create, deploy, and maintain their apps. This cloud application platform allows developers to concentrate on the actual applications, while it takes care of all the elements behind the apps.

Windows Azure offers open across multiple frameworks, languages, and tools. It is fully scalable, localized in that it is hosted globally in many datacenters, and has widespread capabilities are, catering for all elements of application development, deployment, and management.

Azure is comprised of several different service modules, including Infrastructure; Web; Mobile; Dev & Test; Big Data; Media; Storage, Backup & Recovery; and Identity & Access Management.

Major Windows Azure Customers:

Windows Azure major customers include BMW, Toyota, easyJet, NBC Sports, HarperCollins, Aviva, TalkTalk Business, Avanade, and Telenor.

Windows Azure Pricing & Products:

Windows Azure pricing is built around four payment plans, as described in the table below. You can sign up for a one month free trial giving you $200 worth of Windows Azure to experience the product first-hand in your business.

Windows Azure Product



Pay As You Go

No upfront payment required. No commitment, can cancel at any time.

Windows Azure pricing based on usage.

6-Months pay monthly

Save up to 27% as compared to Pay As You Go plan. There is also an additional discount if you pre-pay for the 6 month period.

Minimum payment of $500 per month.

12-Months pay monthly

Savings of up to 29.5% as compared to Pay As You Go plan. There is also an additional discount if you pre-pay for the 12 month period.

Windows Azure pricing beginning at $500 per month.

Support Options

Have access to support expertise with one of the flexible support plans.

Price is dependent on the support plan selected.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

Windows Azure is currently deployed by hundreds of IT Central Station users, making these users invaluable information resources for the product. The advice and expertise from these business professionals who use Windows Azure is at your fingertips when you visit IT Central Station.

Read the reviews on Windows Azure and the alternative PaaS products, including Heroku, Rackspace Cloud, Salesforce platform, and Amazon EC2, to help you make an informed decision about which platform is best aligned with your business requirements.

You can also connect directly with Windows Azure users and experts to find answers to any Windows Azure pricing and product questions you may have.

By Ariel Lindenfeld



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