XenServer Pricing

XenServer Overview:

Citrix XenServer is an open source virtualization platform that manages server, desktop and cloud virtual infrastructures. XenServer is straightforward and quick to install. Even the most demanding workloads and automated management processes can take just a couple of minutes to virtualize. XenServer lowers IT costs and increases IT agility and flexibility.

Major XenServer Customers:

XenServer’s customer base includes U.S. Army Shared Services Center, SoftLayer, Educational Services of America, Independent Bank, and SK Telecom.

XenServer Pricing & Products:

The XenServer pricing model has two components. You can either download the basic version for free, or you can purchase licenses to enable more features.

These are the key features of XenServer:

  • Datacenter automation suite.
  • High-density cloud and desktop environment optimization.
  • Advanced integration and management tools.
  • High performance virtualization platform.

When you purchase a license, you get access to the following benefits:

  • The licensed product is highly tested and certified, and has indemnification as well as license protections.
  • Access to global 24/7 Citrix technical support.
  • Patches are simple and automated and all updates happen through the XenCenter Management Console.
  • Access to how-to guides, technical articles and optimization tips in the Citrix knowledgebase.

The XenServer pricing for licenses is as follows:

License Description Price for License (per socket)
Annual License 24/7 global technical support, access to all hotfixes and updates via XenCenter Management Console. New license required annually. $500
Perpetual License Guaranteed supportability and upgrades for the whole lifecycle of the current version. 24/7 global software maintenance support for one year, and access to all hotfixes and updates via XenCenter Management Console. After the first year additional software maintenance agreements are required. $1,250

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