Yammer Pricing

Yammer Overview:

Yammer is an enterprise social network that allows employees, managers, executives, teams and different office branches to engage, collaborate and innovate over one interactive virtual network.

Yammer creates a social workplace that drives innovation through the sharing of ideas and business intelligence, boosts productivity in teams and projects, and encourages communication and connectivity between employees, no matter where they are located.

Major Yammer Customers:

The Yammer customer base includes Verizon, Rakuten, Nationwide, DHL, Westfield, Telefonica, 7-Eleven, Red Robin, Intuit, eBay, Darden, Suncorp, Tyco, Xerox, and ModCloth.

Yammer Pricing & Products:

The Yammer pricing model is comprised of varying plans catering to the requirements of different organizations. The below Yammer pricing structure is based on a minimum one-year commitment.

Yammer Product



Yammer Basic Network

Enterprise social network accessible from any type of device.


Yammer Enterprise Network

Enterprise social network plus access to enhanced apps and resources, customer support, and tools to administer your network.

$3 per user/month

SharePoint Online + Yammer Enterprise Plan 1

Incorporates key SharePoint features into Yammer Enterprise Network, including content sharing and management, and search capabilities.

$4 per user/month

SharePoint Online + Yammer Enterprise Plan 2

Offers business intelligence, business solutions, and a more complex content management system, in addition to the Plan 1 features.

$8 per user/month

Office 365 Enterprise E1

For companies that require social tools to collaborate and communicate, as well as a shared portal for the reviewing and editing of documents via Office Web Apps.

$8 per user/month

Office 365 Enterprise E3

All the features of Office 365 Enterprise E1, plus enhanced tools to communicate and collaborate more extensively. It also provides IT with powerful compliance and management tools.

$20 per user/month.

Want Advice From Your Peers?

The users of IT Central Station can guide you to select the optimum Enterprise Social Software product for your business. Their first-hand experience with Yammer and other Enterprise Social Software products, such as Jive, Social Sites, and Confluence, in their own businesses makes their input and advice invaluable. An informed decision is the best decision, so visit IT Central Station to read the reviews.

Yammer users are also available for you to contact directly to find out what prompted their decision to take the Yammer route, and to guide you in choosing the ideal Yammer pricing and product module for your business.

By Ariel Lindenfeld



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