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VP, Data Governance at Northen Trust
Reviewed IBM Information Analyzer: Data rules, column analysis are…
Reviewed SAP Data Services: It offers short development time…
Project Delivery Manager at a tech vendor
Reviewed SAP Data Services: Helps us to collect and analyze…
Data Quality Software Development Manager at Yapı Kredi Bank
Reviewed Oracle Data Quality: I like the ease of management…
BI Manager at a non-tech company
Reviewed SAP Data Services: A stable solution with a…
Director at PurpleOak Investments
Reviewed SAS Data Management: Stable data management and analysis…
Reviewed SAP Data Services: Enables ability to change the…
Technical Project Manager Big Data and BI - Banking at a tech services company
Reviewed SAP Data Services: Easy code writing and good…
Public Affairs Manager at a pharma/biotech company
Reviewed SAP Data Services: Handles financial reporting but…
Data Quality Manager at a financial services firm
Reviewed Informatica Data Quality: Works well and has a good interface…
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