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Founding Partner at Altdata Analytics
Reviewed IBM SPSS Statistics: Anomaly detection, with a useful…
Founder at a tech consulting company
Reviewed SAP KXEN [EOL]: Gaining Infinite Insight with KXEN
Director at EBI
Reviewed SAS Enterprise Miner: Scalable, with good functional, but…
Associate Professor of Statistics at KAU
Reviewed IBM SPSS Statistics: Offers good duration, correlation…
Analytics Lead at Pegasus
Reviewed SAS Enterprise Miner: Good stability, very good data…
Head Of Business Solutions | Unmanned Shop | Automated Retail | AI | IoT | Robotic | Data Science
Senior Biostatistician at a healthcare company
Information Analyst at a financial services firm
Reviewed SAS Analytics: Able to connect to all major…
Program Director
Reviewed IBM SPSS Modeler: GUI and flow management are helpful…
Program Manager - Enterprise Command Center at a financial services firm
Reviewed IBM Smart Analytics: Adding LA on top of a well deployed…