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Head of Oracle Exadata Centre of Excellence at Tata Consultancy Services
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: This software scales very well…
Territory Manager LATAM at Shepherd OÜ
Reviewed NetSuite OneWorld: Embedded business intelligence, no…
Sr. Director, Systems & Databases at GTech
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: Highly scalable: Supports scale-out…
Senior Manager Enterprise Integration and Order Management at a comms service provider
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: Great employee self-service and…
IT Operations Service Delivery Senior Manager at e-finance
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: Helps manage our Financial Systems…
Principal Accountant at a government
Reviewed Microsoft Dynamics GP: Robust system with a good…
Director at a consultancy
Reviewed NetSuite OneWorld: Update: NetSuite for the Pharma…
Principal - OATC "Oracle Applications and Technology Consulting" at OATC, Inc.
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: The change to the configurability…
Managing Director at a consultancy
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: I can customize summarized reports…
Owner at kaydex systems ltd