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Enterprise Architect at Teranet Inc.
Reviewed Mule Anypoint Platform: Constantly improving to help…
Owner at Alopex ONE UG
Senior Integration Engeneer at ATOS
Reviewed SAP Process Orchestration: Good monitoring, connectors, and…
Technical Architect at a tech services company
Reviewed Mule Anypoint Platform: Great API management feature and…
Founder at Negzel.net
Reviewed SAP Process Orchestration: Stable with good logging…
Software Engineer at Tkxel
Reviewed Mule Anypoint Platform: Easy platform to work with and…
SAP Process Orchestration Team Lead at a retailer
Reviewed SAP Process Orchestration: Enterprise Service Bus for…
Team Lead at a transportation company
Self Employed/Independent at a consultancy
Reviewed Mule Anypoint Platform: Mature unified platform for iPaaS…
EDI Competency Manager North America at a retailer
Reviewed SEEBURGER BIS: Provides us with one system, a…